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At Public Security we specialize in all patrol and onsite aspects of the security industry. One of the many areas where Public Security has proven to be the best and most reliable, is working in the residential sites. We not only meet the standards set forth by the State of California for safety training, we surpass it and set the pace for others to follow. A bimonthly safety training packets are distributed among all staff in the field keeping the up to date on anything from how to call the proper authorities to logging the proper information for your maintenance crew.

Public Security offers the following services for Residential Security Industry:

  • Armed/Unarmed Patrol Officers, Vehicle Patrols

  • Armed & Unarmed Onsite Security Officers

  • On Board Computer Tracking Systems in Included with the Patrol Service

  • 24-Hour on Call Response Services, 24-Hour Alarm Response Services

  • Response to nuisance complaints from residents

  • Parking permits, Hang tags and Stickers available